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NeuroSense® is our smart Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) platform aid that enables our VARs and businesses to track and manage real time utilities usage and provide insights on savings opportunities in both load consumption and energy demand elements.

NeuroSense® is used mainly by our VARS to complete baseline energy consumption reporting for multiple process and feeders to give insights on real time, daily, monthly and historical energy and process data.

  • Gain real time energy awareness
  • Identify targeted area to optimize
  • Improve operations efficiency and profitability
  • Schedule production based on an optimal Energy Footprint
  • Neurosense can be connected to any energy meter that has RS port.
  • Neurosense is compatible with any PLC, sensors or BMS.
  • Neurosense uses APIBOTZ to integrate multiple KPI, process and machine data
Neurosense is a Single sign-on solution for Process automation Integrated energy

NeuroSense® can collect sensor data (i.e. programmable logic-automation controllers (PLC)/(PAC) data and production data that is consolidated into a single ‘cloud-based sign-on’ data board for process monitoring and analysis.


SmartPO is an AI based power optimizer that aims at delivering an most optimal load curve at the distribution point varying the power parameters at an optimal level to keep up with the requirements of operational aspects and eliminating the Losses.

SmartPO is a Power optimization Technique with Impedance matching technology to calculate the effective and most optimal slip of the motor. The machine learning algorithm will develop a predictive optimal curve of the connected load to run the machines and motor load more effectively and save energy. The system also protect the sensitive loads and machines from spike, transient, inrush, harmonics and voltage imbalance

Combines Machine learning (ML), Embedded Artificial intelligence (AI) and impedance matching technique

Maximum power is transferred from a source to load when the load resistance matches the internal resistance of the source. The system is high advanced and sophisticated that are equipped with State of the Art Control systems that has monitoring, measuring and reporting techniques. Each System is carefully calibrated according to the electrical equipment and load profile of the client. In addition to allowing considerable energy savings, this also guarantees safe and protected operation and a longer service life for both the system and the connected equipment.

Improving life of equipment and unearth extra capacity

SmartPO improves overall Power quality. Power Quality losses, is one of the most ignored attributes in an electrical network, as it is not directly measured and therefore is not evident in the energy bills. A high harmonic and a low PF are significant factors in power quality which improved would have benefits in conserving energy, improving life of equipment and unearth extra capacity

Power loss is less than 0.3% using SmartPO

All power transferring devices, including transformers, have inherent impedance with resistive, inductive or capacitive components. The resistive component is of particular importance in energy efficiency because it causes a power loss (I2R). In   the power loss is less than 0.3%, contributing to the overall reduction of energy costs.

Electrical feeders cause a power loss due to the resistive component of their impedance, and this power consumption is increased when the line and load impedances are not matched. Being positioned between the feeder line and the load,  units are capable of providing impedance matching, dynamic control and equipment protection which reduces resistive losses and conserves energy, optimizing the delivery of electrical power to the user’s equipment.


An HVAC loT solution created by Iglupod for commercial & Industrial Buildings. A cloud – based remote – control system, that allows comfortable and intuitive control of air conditioners from a smartphone, tablet,& also from a simple internet browser. The AC cloud control gateways, developed together with the major AC manufacturers, offer cloud connectivity to a wide range of compatible AC units. No cables are needed for cloud connectivity, as the devices use Wi-Fi technology to bring all the data to the cloud.

The bidirectional communication between Iglupod devices and the AC unit, ensures the end user can keep using the manufacturers remote controller if desired, while keeping the cloud systems updated with the real status of the HVAC units.

Once the communication in between the device and the cloud system is established, the AC unit can be easily managed. All devices can be connected to a common dashboard regardless of the air conditioner manufacturer, offering new smart functionalities ensuring energy savings and unit maintenance.

The devices can be managed using a web – based dashboard, so no additional management tool needs to be installed.

  • IR angle 360 Degree Connected with AC to control through Secured WI-FI Network.

  • User Friendly Dashboard for remote scheduling on Daily, weekly, Monthly whenever as per our operations.

  • Wifi Controller can operate using your MOBILEPHONES, TABs, PCs & LAPTOPs.

  • Single SIGN-IN LOGIN to control many AC devices, and share your devices with your family at home and colleagues in the office.

  • Comes with you will be able to control, monitor, automate and save energy up to 30%.

  • Can Mimic all your remote control operations through a user-friendly dashboard.

  • Allows you to schedule, Reschedule, Group, ReGroup multiple AC operations on Single User Interface.

  • Can Create a best startup sequence on your AC network to bring down the Peak Demand Charges.


The Neuro switch digital framework will optimize and control the incoming source (Grid and Solar PV) and deliver a solar priority Battery management system. The Neuro switch will measure and control both AC and DC loads. The Compact 48V LiFePo4 will serve as both regulated VDC supply as well as backup power to the critical load.


DC infrastructure will deliver a saving more than 50% to the critical loads and make solar PV installation more affordable than ever. A fully digitalized circuit breaker will give control to schedule and automate the load to save more than 20% on electric bills.